Performing From Home

At the point of writing this post, we are going into the third week of our Covid-19 Circuit Breaker "partial lockdown" in Singapore. While staying home, I put on a small performance recently. For this performance, I used a new football, which I had bought online the previous week, and one of my existing juggling clubs.

Balancing a Football on Head while staying at home
Scene from video

I balanced the football on the club. Then I balanced the "tower" on my forehead. Next, while keeping the tower balanced on my forehead, I walked around in a small circle. After returning to face the front, I removed the club swiftly. This allowed the football to drop. I headed the football and caught it with my free hand.

Here's the video of my Balancing Act. It's a new ball and I took a little while to get used to it. The bloopers or outtakes are also in the video. 

Thank You for watching! Do drop by to visit my website too.

Meanwhile, take care of your health during this Covid-19 pandemic.


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