Friday, May 30, 2014

At Flipside!

For two weekends this June 2014, the Esplanade presents "Just Juggle with JimmyJuggler" where visitors may get a taste of what the performance art involves. "Just Juggle" is a roving workshop and JimmyJuggler might also spontaneously perform attention-grabbing juggling stunts wherever he goes.

See the photos for more information. The official website URL for the Flipside! event can be seen in the first photo.



Monday, May 5, 2014

JimmyJuggler at the Esplanade

An exciting festival is about to happen at the Esplanade this year, 2014. It's their annual event, Flipside! During this event, visitors are treated to all kinds of performances that take place all over the grounds of the iconic theatre building in Singapore.

During the festival, JimmyJuggler will be there to provide on-the-spot juggling taster workshops that are free to the general public. Jimmy will conduct these roving workshops over two weekends:
May 30 - June 1; and
June 6 - 8.

See the screenshot of the event calendar listed on

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