Sunday, May 23, 2010

Juggling at the May Day Family Fiesta 2010

This weekend's highlight for me was juggling at the May Day Family Fiesta 2010, a carnival held at Downtown East. At this entertainment park in the eastern part of Singapore, there were crowds of people from morning till the late afternoon. There were all kinds of activities happening throughout the day with queues of people waiting for their turn.

Throughout the day, there were many performances to entertain visitors. I had four time slots to perform throughout the day; and had some time in between the time slots to take a look around the place. Here are some photos:

Map of the carnival grounds

When this van is around, be assured of a long queue. Free drinks for all. But the dispensers ran dry even before I reached the head of the queue.

This is the door of the dressing room for the performers. Yikes!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exams are over - Children have fun

For many children, the school end of term examinations are over. This evening at a block party, children were having a whale of a time with a fun-filled programme. They had popcorn, candy floss, and contests to take part in.

After the colouring contest, my juggling show came on and I entertained the kids and their families for the next 30 minutes.

After my show, some of the kids came to chat with me while I packed my props. They were particularly amazed by the Fire Juggling during my show. It sure feels good to know that the children enjoyed themselves during the show.

Happy holidays to the kids!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Video - Balance 'N' Kick-up

Here's the latest video clip taken while I was at this afternoon's practice session.

It's about staying in equilibrium. In this sequence, I place a Juggling Club on my forehead and keep it balanced up there. Then, I let the club fall backwards off my forehead and it goes behind my back. A well-timed kick sends the club up into the air and I catch it to finish the sequence.

It feels very rewarding to complete this sequence!

View it on YouTube at:

To view another balancing stunt that is DANGEROUS, please go to this post:


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Labour Day party at Kindergarten

This morning I was at a party held at a kindergarten. I was invited to be part of a fascinating programme for the children. At this "Labour Day Party", several adults from different walks of life presented to the kindergarten pupils what they do in their chosen fields.

These were the following careers featured at the Labour Day Party this morning:
  • Eyebrow Threader
  • Juggler - I presented a juggling show specially for the kids.
  • Policeman
  • Yoga instructor
  • Pilot

A schoolteacher getting her eyebrows threaded "live".

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