Thursday, December 31, 2009

Countdown to 2010 !

Happy New Year ahead!

Tonight, 31 Dec 2009, after the dinner time performance in the Carousel restaurant at the Royal Plaza On Scotts hotel, I'll be heading over to the Singapore Flyer for a New Year's Eve Countdown Party. At the party, I'll juggle various things, including fire torches, to entertain the Singapore Flyer visitors and patrons.

This is the link to the Singapore Flyer. Maybe I'll see you there!


Friday, December 25, 2009

JimmyJuggler featured on TV

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Today, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was one of the diners in the Carousel restaurant in the Royal Plaza On Scotts hotel where I have been performing since the start of December. I was delighted to perform my juggling acts for SM Goh while he was enjoying the buffet lunch in the restaurant.

And I was on TV last night!
On 24 December 2009, the news programmes on Channel U and Mediacorp 8 featured Alexander performing close-up magic and me performing juggling to entertain diners in the Carousel restaurant.

I was happy to view the Mediacorp 8 news clip (in Mandarin). View the segment (in Mandarin).


Friday, December 18, 2009

Tornado by the side of the stage!

Once in a dance club many years ago, I heard the DJ announce over the music, "Tornado on the dance floor! Tornado on the dance floor!" He was referring to a fight that broke out in the middle of the dancing crowd. The bouncers came to break up the fight and lead the people involved away.

Tonight I performed inside a neighbourhood mall, Loyang Point, in Pasir Ris town. Just as I was about to do the grande finale, there was a buzz in the audience. Someone in the audience shouted something about a fight and gestured to the shops at the side of the stage.

I had to pause the show.

Everyone's attention turned to an electronic game shop. We saw three big men walk out of the shop. One of them seemed to be angry. A short while later, another man came out of the shop (maybe he was the shop owner) brandishing a desk lamp or something similar. He seemed to have been punched in the eye. The mall security guard came along and took over the situation.

Some people in the audience appeared to be unsettled. Both the emcee and I assured everyone to stay calm.

A short while later when things were calmer, I resumed the show and finished the finale as usual.

As I was packing up behind the stage, a team of Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel arrived to render first aid to the victim. They even brought a stretcher. I hope he would be all right.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Juggling at Royal Plaza on Scotts

This December, the 5-star hotel Royal Plaza on Scotts is making things fun for its patrons and guests. I'll be juggling there throughout the month of December in the daytime and the nighttime. Perhaps I'll see you there too!


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