Thursday, March 27, 2014

New video: "Shuffle"

I took a video recording of my practice run of the Shuffle pattern today. It kind of resembles an overhand shuffle of a deck of cards. In the Shuffle, the balls appear to be "shuffled" one after the other.

Or view it on YouTube at:


Saturday, March 15, 2014

On Learning a New Skill

This Saturday morning, I gave a one-on-one juggling lesson to a father of a preschooler. I'll call him Mr. B. 

Mr. B is an expatriate working in Singapore and he wanted to learn something new that he could share with his kid. I have to say that that is certainly a great motivating factor, especially when learning a delightful skill such as juggling! 

During the lesson, a group of preschoolers passed by and hung around to watch us. They were fascinated by the juggling lesson. One young child was so curious about what we were doing that he helped himself to my props and tried his best to juggle them. I let him have some fun with the props before I had to advise him that I was teaching a lesson and that I needed the props back.

Finally, here is an appropriate flashback to a post that I published about three years ago:

Happy Juggling!

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