Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Electioneering - similar to Juggling?

The heated political scene in Singapore has drawn a reference to Juggling!

The hot topic in Singapore right now is the upcoming General Election, which takes place on 7 May 2011. Happening right now as I blog, is a "live" TV broadcast covering the Nomination Day proceedings at the various nomination centres around the country.

I was amused to hear the current Prime Minister make a remark in response to a reporter's question after nominations were announced.

I couldn't hear the reporter's question clearly because the microphone did not pick up the reporter's question audibly. In response to the question, the Prime Minister made a quip about having to "stand on one leg and juggle five balls".


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stretch it out with JimmyJuggler

There's nothing like a good and effective stretch to loosen tight muscles! Having supple muscles makes for effective juggling, just as they would other physical activities.

Today there was a good example of a much needed stretch for a teenage boy I have been coaching in juggling. During the warm-up, we found that the right side of the back of his neck was more stiff than the left side. This wasn't much of a surprise, since he is right-handed and uses his right arm heavily when playing tennis or when using his computer. The neck and upper shoulder muscles would have stiffened over time.

So we got him to stretch out that part of his neck and the tightness he felt there was reduced within seconds. Of course, it would take some weeks of regular sessions of stretching before the muscles become more supple.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Julian and Jimmy got drenched during show

Yesterday's birthday party show had a wet twist to the routine. It rained midway during the show. The show was held at Julian's poolside BBQ birthday party.

I had Julian, who celebrated his eighth birthday yesterday, with me as my volunteer assistant to perform a humourous routine in front of his family and friends.

Then, as we went on with our act, it rained and both of us got wet. The audience stayed quite dry, however, as they sat under a shelter over the dining area by the pool. Julian was a great sport and we performed the act right to the end!

Well done, Julian! True to the spirit of "The show must go on".

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