Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Performed on the "World's largest floating stage"

The Float @ Marina Bay is the "world's largest floating stage". I was there last Saturday to perform at the Care & Share 20th Anniversary event. The seated audience comprised 5,300 people! There were 530 dining tables facing a large stage. The audience was entertained by many artistes throughout the event. I was delighted by the emcee's introduction just before I went onstage to do the JimmyJuggler performance that included the fire-juggling grande finale.

A segment of the audience. They arrived by the busload!

View from The Float - the upcoming Marina Bay Sands Singapore integrated resort.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Science provides good reason to Juggle

Recently, researchers from the University of Oxford applied both neuroscience and juggling to study how the adult human brain adapts when a complex visual-motor skill is learned.

The researchers found that the adult human brain can "condition its own wiring system to operate more efficiently." On 11 October 2009, the journal Nature Neuroscience published their findings online. The next day, the following news article was released by AFP.

Read the article from BBC News: Juggling increases brain power


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't try this at home

This is a dangerous stunt. It involves a 180-degree jump and turn while balanced on a teeterboard.

I used my phone to take this video while practising this stunt on a recent afternoon before sunset. You can hear birds chirping in the background.

Or view the video on YouTube:


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sustaining energy levels

After two consecutive days of conducting workshops on juggling, it is time for a break for myself.

Conducting workshops requires one to be prepared, alert, responsive, and upbeat throughout the workshop. In some ways, I suppose it is like performing a "live" show. When things happen, sometimes quite unexpectedly, I must stay focussed, give an appropriate response, and keep the programme flowing so that the workshop participants progress in their learning. Training participants to learn requires the trainer to expend energy to keep the pace and facilitate their learning.

I once attended a seminar by a corporate trainer. Her advice to other trainers who want to stay productive in the long term is to do something she calls "self care", that is, give yourself some time off to recharge. That's what I'm doing today!


Friday, October 9, 2009

New shoes for performing

I bought new shoes! These are to replace the current pair that I wear when performing shows. I take a lot of care when choosing shoes because I have specific requirements.

The Nike Zoom Coup trainer has a low-profile, which keeps me close to the ground. The slim profile of the cushioning unit in the heel allows me to move quickly on the stage while the unit absorbs the impact forces. The upper feels light and supportive. I especially like the thread pattern of the outsole. And the pivot point makes it easy to spin and turn.

The shoes can be found at Queensway Shopping Centre.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Revealed! Mystery of the Colour-changing Orbs

Here's a video, just uploaded to YouTube, in which I reveal what's behind the mysterious colour-changing orbs that light up the darkness.



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Children have fun at Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated all over Singapore around this time of year. Mooncakes, pomelo fruit, and lanterns are ubiquitous. It's a grand time for getting together as a family and as a community.

Some nights ago, I performed at a residential area in Jurong. After the residents completed their "lantern walk" around the neighbourhood, I put on a show for them. It was held on an outdoor basketball court, with the audience seated on rows of chairs along 3 sides of the court.

The children got really excited as the show progressed, creeping closer and closer to the performance area. In the second photo below, you can see one boy literally jumping with excitement!

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