Birthday Party Juggler

This weekend, I had the pleasure of performing at the birthday party for a six-year old. The party was held at one of the chalets in the Aloha Changi Resort, which is located close to the eastern coastline of Singapore. 

The party had a retro-disco theme. I saw guests decked out in colourful costumes of the 70's era. The party room on the second level had decorative LED lights and a large, wireless JBL speaker, which transformed this part of the large chalet into the dance floor.

The buffet spread (complete with two waffle ice-cream makers who made the dessert upon request) was located in the living room on the first level.

There were plenty of activities before my show started: face-painting, photo booth, kids' tattoo decorations, and a bouncy castle (the bouncy castle was located in one of the large bedrooms).

When night fell, it was dark and quiet outside. But inside, the party was bright and loud, and it was still going strong when I left the chalet, about two hours after my show began.


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