Monday, September 24, 2012

Show at "Appreciation Night" staff party

It was rather big news when it was reported recently that hypermarket chain Carrefour would be pulling out of Singapore by the end of 2012. See this:

Carrefour Singapore has been in Singapore since 1997 and it practically introduced the hypermarket concept here. Most, if not all, Singaporeans and residents would have visited at least one of their two hypermarkets in the heart of the city.

So it is certainly a privilege to have performed my show tonight at Carrefour Singapore's "Appreciation Night 2012".  This, I suppose, must be one of their final parties for their staff before they finally end their operations by the end of the year.

Thank you for including me in tonight's programme, Carrefour Singapore. À la prochaine.*

*until next time in French.

As Mid-Autumn Festival is just a few days away, the staff received door gifts that I thought was appropriate: Mooncakes!


Friday, September 14, 2012

New show coming soon

A new juggling show is in the works. I'm in a new production in which I play a chef who juggles in the kitchen!

The new "live" show takes place in October 2012. Watch this blog for more information in the coming weeks.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The MTV Show - Birthday Party!

It's party time on The MTV Show!

This is a screenshot I took of The MTV Show that premiered on the MTV Asia cable television channel this afternoon.
I was on the show to juggle at the surprise birthday party of VJ Holly who is seated in the photo on the left. After her blindfold was removed, the party erupted on set! There were drummers and performers to spice up the celebration.

I juggle while wearing my The Cat In The Hat hat.
This is the birthday girl, VJ Holly, with her "princess" birthday cake.
With the other performers on the set.

 Here we are with the birthday girl.

The final group photo with cast, performers, crew and staff on The MTV Show set.

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