Monday, July 27, 2009

Intelligent ways to learn Juggling

A basic requirement for learning how to juggle is "being able to tie one's own shoelaces". The use of this seemingly peculiar requirement to describe the basic level of motor-skills needed to learn juggling is meant to convey the sense of fun inherent in juggling.

The reality is that juggling requires more than just the application of one's motor-skills alone. The use of other aspects of one's intelligence can be observed. Recently, I conducted a juggling class attended by a young child.

During the class, I observed that the child could toss the ball easily to a target. For this child, tossing the ball was easier than catching the ball. This is unsurprising for a child. This particular observation is not unique to young children; it can also be observed in adults.

The good news is that tossing and catching are both skills, and skills can be learned.

As I spent more time with the child doing certain juggling-related activities together, I saw how the child learned juggling (that is, the "3-Ball Cascade") through intelligent observation and comprehension of the instructions given. In my book, this child, whose motor-skills are still developing, could recognise patterns of movement, compare visual patterns in three-dimensional space, and recognise logical sequences of events.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Singapore National Day 2009 is coming

It's in the air - literally! Singapore celebrates her 44th year of independence on Sunday, 9th August 2009. When I first caught sight of this arrangement of flags strung between two apartment blocks in my neighbourhood, I went, "whoah!" because of its overall size.

The National Day Parade 2009 will be held at Marina Bay in the evening, complete with fireworks. That same evening, I'll be performing at a private party in the city so I hope I can catch the fireworks too!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jeya, Joel, and Jimmy juggle on stage

Something amazing happened tonight during my show at the "Masquerade" dinner party in a restaurant. After the Box juggling act, I invited 2 members of the audience to join me on stage for a fun segment involving quick reflexes.

I asked them for their names and as it turned out, their names were...(drum roll)...

...Jeya and Joel!

I did something of a double-take. I responded to this surprising coincidence by saying to the audience, "It's Jeya, Jimmy, and can't plan this!"


Thursday, July 16, 2009

My pupils' wonderful juggling progress

In an earlier post I shared what a pleasure it is to train eager pupils. Yesterday I brought them to the next level of juggling - performance! These teenage pupils are participants in a programme that I am running. The programme takes them from newbie to juggler over a six-month duration.

I am delighted to see that their personal practice is paying off. Their juggling abilities have visibly improved over the last month. Many of them have found their preferred juggling activity. Others are articulating a desire for more challenges and I am happy to share some ideas with them so that they can stretch themselves. Two things about juggling that I enjoy most are that there are many pathways of progress and the limits, if any, are set by oneself.

During the session with them yesterday, I gave the pupils a taste of performing. I was well aware that many of them felt nervous and so assisted them with a few methods, including being "onstage" with them. How would they eventually take to performing? As of yesterday's session, I know a few of them have the confidence to juggle in front of an audience. I am looking forward to the next session for more information to answer that question.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome to the Outdoors!

Early this morning, I had a juggling performance. By early I mean 9 a.m. for a Saturday! This was during the Family Day for a German MNC. The company was celebrating its 100th anniversary. It seems coincidental to be at another German company event today. Last night I had performed at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore, a German microbrewery and restaurant, to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

I arrived early at the Greek Amphitheatre of The Singapore Flyer where the Family Day was held. It was raining and I had to run a short distance in the rain to get to the venue. Thankfully the rain stopped right about the start time of the event. Curiously, the Creative Director who had booked me to perform reflected that it rains every time he organises a Family Day event.

By this time, I was rather wet...but the show must go on! For the next hour I entertained staff and their family members. Thanks to the DJ for playing cool music with good beats! It made juggling for people very fun to do.

The ground was wet and by the end of the show, my socks and shoes were all wet.

I also noticed that a caterpillar had climbed onto my bag. The rain could have caused it to fall off a tree as I ran under it.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Juggling at Matthew's Birthday Party

I had lots of fun juggling at Matthew's birthday party this morning. He's bright, generous, and full of energy. Today, he celebrated his 6th birthday and I put on a juggling show for his kindergarten class.

It was delightful to perform again for Matthew. About two months ago I had performed at his elder sister's birthday party at their home and Matthew enjoyed that show so much he asked his parents to book my show for his birthday too.

For Matthew's party, we played a game to warm things up and during the show, I involved more volunteers than I usually do seeing as the children were eager to come forward to be part of the show in front of their friends. One of his classmates, a girl named Angenette, had actually seen me perform over the last weekend at another public event. Naturally I asked her to assist me in one of the juggling acts today. After the show, they crowded around and were extremely fascinated by what I had brought that day, including my PSP player.

Later on, Matthew and his dad graciously invited me to stay on for cake. Matthew had a lovely Power Ranger cake!

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fire Juggling at Paulaner Brauhaus

Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Celebrations began tonight and will carry on till 10 July 2009. It was a full-house tonight! The dishes that people ordered from the special menu looked delicious, and the beer was cold and kept on flowing. I'm thrilled to be part of the entertainment line-up...and I'll be on again on the 10th night. Programme details can be found at

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