Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Launch of new site - Juggling Shop

I have just launched a new site, http://shop.jimmyjuggler.com. It serves as an entry point into juggling.

Juggling is a wonderful activity that offers both physiological and mental benefits. Visit http://shop.jimmyjuggler.com to learn more.

At the site "Juggling Shop", visitors can place orders for basic juggling props to learn juggling with.

Happy Juggling!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Cool Night for Juggling Fire

A conference for accounting professionals today ended with a dinner party at Wave House Sentosa on Siloso Beach. I was there to perform with Light-effects and Fire. It was a clear night with moderate humidity so it felt wonderful to juggle in the open air at the seaside.

There was a strong breeze, however, which fanned my flaming torches quite a bit and made the flames burn wildly. Juggling fire in an outdoor "live" performance on a windy night sure makes for an exciting experience.

Before my showtime and before the 500 guests arrived, I took this photo of the spot where I was to perform, which was in front of a giant rear-projection screen.

This is my second time at Wave House Sentosa to perform. (Read this post, Outdoor Juggling at Wave House.)  This is a swell venue for throwing a big party.

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