Sunday, August 6, 2017

Juggling Show in School

Here are some photos from a recent Juggling Show that I presented at a secondary school. My show was part of a cultural programme for the students.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Video - Juggler at The Seletar Mall

The Seletar Mall in Singapore is located in Sengkang town. The mall opened in 2014 so it can be considered fairly new. It has 6 levels of retail and food outlets.

The mall is running an event that coincides with the June school holidays now. I performed my Juggling Show at this event. The photo below shows the stage:

One member of the audience posted a video of my Juggling Show on Instagram. The video is shown below:

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Night at the Museum and Juggling

The June school holidays are just round the corner! Many family-friendly establishments have organised activities for children during the holidays. One such event is the following overnight event held at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

I'm thrilled to be the entertainer at this event. See the screenshot below.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Juggling Videos: Virtual Reality vs My Reality

Recently, I watched Virtual Reality game developer, Steve Bowler, use Juggling to demonstrate the accuracy of a VR headset and some VR tracking devices. These VR tracking devices, known as Trackers, enable real objects to be tracked in virtual environments. 

Watch his Trackers video here:

Steve's video is split into 3 screens. In the large screen, we can see Steve put on the VR headset and juggle 3 Trackers in the real world. In the smaller top-right screen, we have a view of the virtual world that Steve sees. In the smaller bottom-right screen, we have a view of the real world captured by a small camera mounted on the VR headset.


In the video, Steve wears the VR headset so he can only see the virtual Trackers that he's juggling in the virtual environment (presented by the VR headset). Steve cannot actually see the real Trackers that he's juggling in the real world. 

Steve is able to juggle the 3 virtual Trackers in the virtual environment because these Trackers can be tracked accurately by the VR system used by Steve. In other words, the VR system can accurately track the spatial positions, movements, and other parameters of the Trackers.

Of course, Steve is able to demonstrate this experiment because, to begin with, he can actually juggle in the real world. What he has cleverly shown in the video is the capability of this particular VR system - the actual Trackers are represented in the virtual environment with a high degree of accuracy.

My Reality

I was fascinated with what Steve did in his video. Steve performed a real juggle of real objects that he couldn't actually see; what he thought he saw were actually virtual reproductions of those objects set in a virtual environment. Seeing the virtual Trackers helped Steve to know where the real Trackers were and so juggle them (the real Trackers).

Then I recollected a juggling stunt that I did a few years ago in a video. I didn't use a VR headset. Instead, I placed a bucket over my head! With my sense of sight really blocked, I juggled 3 balls (for real). This is what is known as Juggling Blind. So how does one juggle without being able to see? With my vision blocked completely by the bucket, I relied on my sense of touch and spatial awareness. Here's my video:

Thank you for watching!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sony Xperia XZs - Juggling in Super Slow Motion

This video, which was taken with the new Sony Xperia XZs smartphone, shows me juggling with Rings at an outdoor show during a special event. At this event, the guests could try out the new phone before its official launch date.

One key feature of the Sony Xperia XZs is video recording in super slow motion. The video above demonstrates this feature.

It was a cloudy day. But it still felt hot. The video also shows the glistening perspiration on my head.

Here's a photo of the whole scene.

Thank you for watching!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Video - Ring Juggling

I juggle with Rings in this video that was recorded during one of my practice sessions.

The video shows this sequence: Bounce Start, Half Turns, Full Turns, Hands-free finish.

It was a nice day to juggle with Rings outdoors. It was not windy. The Rings are flat; the slightest breeze can push them unpredictably while they are up in the air.

Also watch this video of me juggling the Five-Ring Cascade.

Thank you for watching!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lunar New Year Juggling Show

There were at least 1,000 guests seated in the event hall in which I performed in early February this year. This is a significantly large number of dining guests. Several years ago, I performed at at another large event that had more than 5,000 dining guests. It takes plenty of behind-the-scenes planning and manpower to serve such large numbers of guests.

This February's event was a Lunar New Year dinner function held in the newly renovated West Coast Community Centre. I am thankful to have been included in the entertainment programme.

Here are some photos displayed on the Friends Of West Coast CCMC Facebook page. Thank you to the organising team!

Juggler at West Coast Singapore dinner event | JimmyJuggler
JimmyJuggler performs at the sit-down dinner for more than 1,000 guests.

Children's entertainer in Singapore | Jimmy Juggler
JimmyJuggler gets the children ready for the stage game

"Are you ready, children? On we go!"

Source of photos: Facebook

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chops with Juggling Clubs

I like to Chop! With my Juggling Clubs, that is. Also with my Juggling Balls.

"Chops" is a juggling pattern that is done with 3 objects. While juggling three objects, a single Chop is a "wild and expressive" (as described by Charlie Dancey) diagonal downward sweep of one of the objects through the air, in front of the juggler's body. Therefore, Chops are a succession of these sweeps while juggling the three objects.

Here's an image of one of my practice sessions with Chops.

Chops is a juggling pattern that requires the juggler to have or develop intermediate to advanced levels of skill.

Jimmyjuggler Chops Juggling Clubs
A screenshot of the video captures a critical moment in Chops

Chops is not a form of martial arts, although it may be presented as such for entertainment. However it may be noted that Chops (and numerous other juggling patterns) requires strength, stamina, and speed.

If you found this post interesting, please check out my JimmyJuggler YouTube videos.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Moana movie and Hiko jugglers

I watched the Disney animated movie "Moana" recently and enjoyed it very much. Besides having stunning visuals and animation, Moana has authentic references and depictions of Polynesian culture. Read this review of Moana. Polynesia is a region in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, which includes islands such as Hawaii, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga, and Easter Island.

Moana features a Polynesian girl as the protagonist on a quest of self-discovery. After I had watched the movie, I searched my memory for something I had read about an interesting but little known part of Polynesian culture. On the South Pacific island of Tonga, the girls play a game called "Hiko".

This picture shows a Polynesian girl playing Hiko (also known as juggling).

Polynesian girl playing Hiko. Source: Wikipedia

Hiko is the Tongan art of Juggling. It is a Juggling game played with the fruits found on Tonga. Only girls juggle on Tonga. Not the boys. The girls are all jugglers! In Hiko, the girls juggle the fruits in a "shower" pattern, and they usually sing while doing so. It has been documented that it is the norm for Tongan girls to do a rapid and precise juggle of 4 to 6 fruits in the shower pattern.

I found the following documentary about Hiko on YouTube to be informative.

I hope that you have found this aspect of Polynesian culture to be fascinating.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Video - Juggling in Tech Dome Penang

I was in Penang recently, and visited the fairly new Tech Dome Penang, the first Science Centre in Penang, Malaysia. The website for Tech Dome Penang describes the science centre as "an initiative by the Penang State Government to create a hub for technology learning and exchange of ideas".

Singaporean Juggler | Tech Dome Penang | Interactive Juggling
Juggling Skeleton in Tech Dome Penang

There are plenty of fascinating exhibits inside Tech Dome Penang. The exhibits are designed to allow visitors to discover and experience various types of technologies. Some exhibits  include robot bees that visitors can programme to navigate a maze; colourful lasers in an unlit room that a visitor must cross without touching the laser beams; and a G-force simulator. Here is a news article about Tech Dome Penang.

I found the " Skeleton Moves" exhibit to be both interesting and amusing. When a visitor moves in front of an interactive screen, a skeleton displayed on the screen will move in sync with the person's movements.

Naturally, I decided to juggle in front of the screen. As I didn't have any Juggling props with me, I juggled 3 coins.

See the video clip below. You might hear me chuckling while juggling the 3 coins because I was amused by how the skeleton moved on screen.

Elsewhere in Penang, you can also see a different format of interactivity between the physical world and visual media. Many murals have been painted in Penang; and this one shown below is probably the most iconic street art mural of Penang.

"Children On A Bicycle" artwork by Ernest Zacharevic

"Children On A Bicycle" features a real bicycle mounted on a wall and children painted on that wall. I managed to take a quick selfie while groups of tourists took turns to pose with the artwork.

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