Eggs with ease

Sometimes, people ask about the kind of things I juggle. Besides fire torches, knives and other performance props, I also juggle food items during my shows. For instance, raw eggs. They're chicken eggs, to be precise (see the photo below).

I especially enjoy presenting my juggling act with raw eggs in my show because they are loads of fun to juggle! At most events, there's usually a photographer or two taking photos of all the stuff that happens onstage. There's always a bit of fun to be had whenever they use one of those big camera flash accessories. Just imagine the scenario: as the juggler juggles the eggs, the camera flash lights up brightly and momentarily blinds him yet he is unfazed and continues juggling to finish the act. So the presence of cameramen who use flash accessories adds a delicious tension to my act with the raw eggs.

My fridge is always stocked with eggs for eating and for performing with.


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