Cool Night for Juggling Fire

A conference for accounting professionals today ended with a dinner party at Wave House Sentosa on Siloso Beach. I was there to perform with Light-effects and Fire. It was a clear night with moderate humidity so it felt wonderful to juggle in the open air at the seaside.

There was a strong breeze, however, which fanned my flaming torches quite a bit and made the flames burn wildly. Juggling fire in an outdoor "live" performance on a windy night sure makes for an exciting experience.

Before my showtime and before the 500 guests arrived, I took this photo of the spot where I was to perform, which was in front of a giant rear-projection screen.

This is my second time at Wave House Sentosa to perform. (Read this post, Outdoor Juggling at Wave House.)  This is a swell venue for throwing a big party.



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