Fire Juggler Video

In current times, we hardly see Fire Juggling taking place in any public space. However, we can always watch it online. Here's a video of me as a Fire Juggler.

Fire Juggler in Singapore
Shall we dance? With fire?

The video below shows my rehearsal as a Fire Juggler. During my rehearsal, I ran through several Fire Juggling sequences. My final routine for the show   can be seen in the later part of the video. 

Notice how the wind blows the flames during my rehearsal. This is why Fire Jugglers have to keep the fire torches at a safe distance from their hair. 

Those were the days! Back then, Fire Juggling could quite readily be performed at various venues. Nowadays, the authorities are very strict with respect to fire safety rules and regulations. This is mostly why I would like this video of me as a Fire Juggler to be archived here, on YouTube. I hope that you'll find something interesting in my video.

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