Juggling Classes for Everyone

People of all ages have taken my Juggling Lessons over the years. This isn't surprising because the benefits of juggling — improved hand-eye coordination, improved reflexes, it's wholesome fun, and so on — are there for everyone to reap.

What's surprising might be the reasons people have for wanting to learn to Juggle. Read the list of 14 reasons that I've compiled below.

Learn to juggle in Singapore
During the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have to wear masks.

Why Learn to Juggle?

Here are some reasons that my students have shared with me. I've paraphrased them for ease of reading:

  1. My pupils need to understand, through Juggling, what it means to persevere.
  2. My child needs to improve his/her concentration.
  3. My child needs to improve throwing and catching skills for his/her sport.
  4. My child needs to improve his/her reflexes and spatial awareness.
  5. I want to demonstrate to my team at work that if I can learn something new, so can they.
  6. I want to challenge myself and learn something that seems impossible to do.
  7. My boss at work suggested that I stretch myself to think out-of-the-box by learning to juggle.
  8. I need a fun and stimulating activity as an ice-breaker during my work seminar.
  9. I've always wanted to learn to juggle since young but never had the opportunity to accomplish it.
  10. I want to learn to juggle because I had read about juggling and how it's good for the brain.
  11. I'm going to act in a play and my character needs to juggle.
  12. We want to inspire our colleagues in  our company that we can achieve the impossible if we commit to it – and juggling looks like a fun way to demonstrate this.
  13. I'm getting older and I want to tune up my reflexes.
  14. Learning to juggle is on my bucket list.

Here are two of my students in the photos below. Despite their packed work schedules, they set aside time for Juggling.

Juggling Classes in Singapore

Juggling lessons in Singapore

Juggling Classes for Everyone

How about Learning to Juggle? It's simultaneously fun and challenging, and it's an excellent workout for both mind and body. Send your enquiries  to me today.

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