Juggler at Anniversary Celebration

The educational and cultural organisation, Alliance Française de Singapour celebrated its 70th Anniversary in October 2019. I was there to juggle and entertain people in their building located near the Newton MRT Station.

Jimmy Juggler in Singapore
JimmyJuggler at the Alliance Française de Singapour

Throughout the celebratory event, "people were invited to take part in different fun activities like storytelling sessions, family movie screening, balloon sculpting or juggling performance". Here are some photos from the Alliance Française de Singapour Facebook Page:

Since this event was held by a French cultural organisation, I paid a bit of a tribute to the can-can while performing my Juggling Show. What is the can-can? The can-can is a French dance involving high kicks and other high-energy movements. See the photo of me below:

While juggling the Clubs, I lift my legs (one at a time, of course!) as high as I can and toss each Club under the raised leg. 

The alternate raising of legs while juggling the Clubs is done continuously. It's not precisely the can-can but it's close enough for me. For a good idea of this juggling pattern, watch this video of one of my practice sessions. In this video, I do what is commonly known as "Under The Legs". Here's the video:

Should you need a high-energy and entertaining Juggler for your own celebratory event or party, please contact me through my website.


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