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Hooray! I can finally write a post about money. In this post, I share 3 concepts about what you can do with your money. Over the past few months, (no) thanks to both the Covid-19 virus outbreak and the declining economy, I've had plenty of time to explore these concepts. The videos in this post show different ways of handling money.

No, I'm not a financial advisor. As you might already know, I'm an entertainer and performer of Juggling. I've juggled many kinds of objects, even money. I've been blogging for years about juggling but I've never done one about "money".   

It's now the time for this post about money. I invite you to take a different look at how to handle money.


Coins in Singapore
The type of coins that I used in the videos.

Just in case you weren't already aware, coins can be juggled (just like balls and other objects) even though they are very small. However, tiny and lightweight coins can be a little tricky to juggle. You would need to put in extra effort to sight them as the tiny coins are tossed into the air. You would also need to carefully control your movements in response to the weight of the tiny coins.

Now, this post is focussed on - interesting moves and tricks that you can do with coins. In this post, I won't be showing the regular cascade juggling pattern. Instead, I will show 3 rather unusual tricks that help to illustrate 3 concepts. 

Skill is involved, just as it is in regular juggling. Since the tricks are skill-based, you would be using your hands. In the beginning, it would seem difficult or impossible to do these moves. Continual practice, however, will make the moves easier to do.

These are the 3 concepts that I'd like to share with you:

  1. Be as quick as lightning
  2. Leverage on your own physical structure
  3. Keep your eyes on the targets

Be as quick as lightning

"The hand is quicker than the eye" goes an old saying. Actually, that isn't always the case. But when it comes to doing tricks with coins, it's important to execute the key moves without hesitation. 

In the following video, I perform an illusion:

Here's a snippet of how someone responded to it. I was very happy to receive this message. It meant that I had moved quickly enough to make the illusion work as I had intended. 

Coin magic Singapore
Be as quick as lightning.

Leverage on your own physical structure

There's another saying, "Know it like the back of your hand". It means to be very familiar with something in the same way that one is familiar with the back of one's own hand. 

How about being familiar with your own wrist? Take a look at your wrist and observe what happens when you snap your fingers. The tendons and ligaments of the wrist move when you snap your fingers. 

Here's a snappy little trick with a small coin - I make a coin flip over with a snap of my fingers:

I find this little trick to be amusing and strangely satisfying to do. It's best to try it with a small coin. It takes quite a while to locate the best spot, on your own wrist, to place the coin. It's important to position the coin at that sweet spot so that every finger-snap "generates enough power" to flip the coin.

Keep your eyes on the targets

This particular trick requires more physical effort than the other tricks above. This trick is also a demonstration of all the 3 concepts outlined in this post. Take a look at the following video in which I catch 3 coins with one hand:

It happens quickly. Watch the video to the end because there are slow-motion replays. Watch the video again and this time, observe my eyes. Where do I look when I'm performing the trick? I keep my eyes on the coins. If I were to lose sight of the coins, I wouldn't be able to catch them.

How to learn these tricks?

Firstly, if you've read this post all the way to this point, thank you very much! 

I hope that I managed to entertain you or to help you see money being used in a different way. I also hope that the 3 concepts outlined in this post give you an idea of how performers like me go about doing what we do.

Now that you've watched the 3 videos in this post, you might feel like trying out these tricks. I would suggest that you first try the second trick because you need only a small coin. You may also wish to try out the third trick but with only 1 or 2 coins for a start. Repeated viewing of the videos might help you learn.

You might also wish to contact me to learn these tricks. It's always fun to learn tricks like these!


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