Video - Juggling in Tech Dome Penang

I was in Penang recently, and visited the fairly new Tech Dome Penang, the first Science Centre in Penang, Malaysia. The website for Tech Dome Penang describes the science centre as "an initiative by the Penang State Government to create a hub for technology learning and exchange of ideas".

Singaporean Juggler | Tech Dome Penang | Interactive Juggling
Juggling Skeleton in Tech Dome Penang

There are plenty of fascinating exhibits inside Tech Dome Penang. The exhibits are designed to allow visitors to discover and experience various types of technologies. Some exhibits  include robot bees that visitors can programme to navigate a maze; colourful lasers in an unlit room that a visitor must cross without touching the laser beams; and a G-force simulator. Here is a news article about Tech Dome Penang.

I found the " Skeleton Moves" exhibit to be both interesting and amusing. When a visitor moves in front of an interactive screen, a skeleton displayed on the screen will move in sync with the person's movements.

Naturally, I decided to juggle in front of the screen. As I didn't have any Juggling props with me, I juggled 3 coins.

See the video clip below. You might hear me chuckling while juggling the 3 coins because I was amused by how the skeleton moved on screen.

Elsewhere in Penang, you can also see a different format of interactivity between the physical world and visual media. Many murals have been painted in Penang; and this one shown below is probably the most iconic street art mural of Penang.

"Children On A Bicycle" artwork by Ernest Zacharevic

"Children On A Bicycle" features a real bicycle mounted on a wall and children painted on that wall. I managed to take a quick selfie while groups of tourists took turns to pose with the artwork.


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