Tenet Challenge

"Tenet" is a movie that's currently playing in cinemas around the world. The cinematic blockbuster is directed by Christopher Nolan, whose other movies include Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and the Dark Knight trilogy.

Tenet features time-bending sequences that are woven into the cerebral and physical elements of the story. This is one of the movie trailers.

Christopher Nolan has a signature style of movie storytelling using the concept of Time. We can make a reference to an early movie (2000) by Nolan, "Memento", which revealed the story in a reverse chronological sequence. Memento is a highly acclaimed movie and it was a breakthrough for Nolan.

In recent weeks, Warner Bros (the movie studio) launched an online challenge tied to the release of the Tenet movie. I took up the fun (and safe) challenge with this video

Hat Juggling by Jimmy Juggler
Screenshot of Jimmy with his Hat on his foot!

I thought it would be visually interesting to apply a time-reversal effect (similar to those seen in Tenet) on my video, such that my video shows what I did from back to front. It was also fun to synchronise the video with a segment of the movie trailer soundtrack. Turn up the speaker volume and watch it:

So what did my video look like originally, from front to back? The original sequence of what I did with the hat can be viewed in a video I made earlier, in February this year. Here it is:

After watching the videos in this post, take a look at these fun scenes from my Juggling Show. You might wish to contact me about the Show.

Thank you for watching!


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