Juggling Show at Dinner Party

Such a fun night for everyone at this year end dinner celebration hosted by SMOU. I was delighted to be there to entertain the members, guests, and their families. 

These are some photos taken by the SMOU photographer. Thanks for these lovely images!

Juggler at SMOU Year End Party
JimmyJuggler and the anti-gravity Boxes! No magnets at all.

Family Entertainer in Singapore
Focus and stay sharp.

Children's Entertainer in Singapore
He's got it!

All set? Yes!

Believe and it will happen right in your hands.

We have a winner!

A section of my lovely audience.

Juggling with Knives to entertain at a dinner event
Knives Juggling with gusto! Do not try this. I am a professional entertainer.

Singapore Juggler performs for everyone
Knives Juggling and more! Do not attempt. I am a professional juggler.


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