Juggling Fun for Children

Earlier this month, during the Lunar New Year festive period, I taught children how to play the Diabolo (Chinese Yo-yo). This took place at The American Club, Singapore. I was also here last year.

Source of photos: The American Club, Singapore Facebook Page

The Chinese Yo-yo has its origins in China at least 600 years ago. It was only introduced to Europe in the 18th century. 

The Diabolo that we usually see nowadays is a modern form of the Chinese Yo-yo. The Diabolo was patented in France in 1906. The Diabolo is spun using a pair of hand-sticks connected by a string. The Diabolo is not connected to that string. One has to keep the Diabolo spinning fast in order to keep it balanced on that string. Should the spinning Diabolo slow down, it can no longer balance on the string and falls to the side.

The children had a lot of fun trying the Diabolo. An excellent activity that's fun and stimulating! The activity was also a good introduction to a fascinating aspect of Chinese history and culture.

Thanks to The American Club, Singapore for having me there!


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