Juggling at Art Gallery

I like murals. These are artworks that are painted or applied to walls, and the architecture of the walls or building surfaces is usually incorporated into the artworks. There's a unique art gallery in Singapore that has a collection of murals, Gelam Gallery.

Last month, the gallery was the centerpiece of an outdoor event, Gelam Gallery Alive

Gelam Gallery Alive, an event supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, was an outdoor weekend event where visitors could view the artworks of this unique gallery, and participate in the various art and craft activities. There were also performers to entertain visitors during the event.

I was one of the performers at this event that was held over two weekends in November 2019.

Here are some photos and a video of part of my performance.

First day

Outdoor events are subject to weather conditions

Juggler in Singapore is happy
A hot day, and the show must go on!

Final day

Gelam Gallery is located in Muscat Street of Singapore.

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