Disney's Toy Story has a Juggler

I learned something new about a Toy Story movie character recently. The character, Jessie, can juggle! Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl makes her first appearance in the series of Toy Story movies in the movie, Toy Story 2. Jessie is "a rough-and-tumble cowgirl doll with a passion for yodeling...she's also an incredibly optimistic member of Andy's toy gang." Jessie has many abilities. 

Some of the other characters in the well-known Toy Story movies (by Disney) are Sherrif Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Mr Potato Head. 

The Toy Story theme can also be seen (and felt) at Toyville in Tokyo DisneySea. The Disney theme park in Japan features the ride, Toy Story Mania. It's a very popular ride. My family and I had to wait in the queue for about 90 minutes before we could have our turn on the very fun and amusing ride.

During that long wait in the queue for Toy Story Mania, I looked all around the waiting hall. It was decorated with Toy Story characters and large models of toys that are found in Andy's room (Andy is the original owner of the toys in the Toy Story movies).

I saw Jessie on the wall. Take a look below:

The queue of people snaked about all over the waiting hall.

Jessie can be seen juggling some balls. Can you count the number of balls?

Jessie is juggling balls - Toy Story Mania
Jessie is juggling!

Jessie is amazing, isn't she? And Bullseye, the horse, is pretty good with balancing that horseshoe!

Here's a photo of where we finally boarded the tram cars of the ride. 

In Toy Story Mania, it's as though we have shrunk down to the size of toys. See how big Andy's bedframe is?


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