I took on the Incredible Feat Challenge

The animated movie, Incredibles 2 is now playing in cinemas. It's the long-awaited sequel to the original The Incredibles movie that was released in 2004. That's an incredible 14 years of waiting to watch the popular superhero family on the big screen again.

I enjoyed watching both movies, as did many other people. The ratings for both movies are - wait for it - incredible! Many audiences and movie reviewers have positive reviews about both movies.

Having watched Incredibles 2 just a couple of days ago, I cast my mind back to the year 2004, the year that I had watched The Incredibles.

In 2004, I had taken part in the Incredible Feat Challenge, a contest that was linked to the first movie, The Incredibles. The contest event had been made possible by The New Paper, McDonald's Singapore, and Streats. It was held at the Junction 8 shopping mall in Singapore. My "incredible feat" for the contest was my Knives Juggling act. Yes, I did that because I'm a Juggler.

I only started this blog in 2009, which means this is a fresh post about an event that remains significant in my life.

The Incredible Feat Challenge is important to me because my girlfriend had encouraged me to take part in it. We were dating then; sometime later, she became my wife (and still is!).

Here are some photos of that day in December 2004:

The stage and backdrop in Junction 8 mall in Bishan, Singapore.

Many spectators waiting for the Incredible Feat Challenge to begin.

Singapore Juggler who is known as JimmyJuggler
It's my turn! "I am JimmyJuggler."

Jimmy Juggler does the incredible knife balance
My head-balance of a knife, while reciting the alphabet backwards, "Z,Y,X,W....A"

Prizes! We won The Incredibles plush toys and other nice things.

So how did I do at the contest? I won second prize! The prize comprised several items. I was very happy to win The Incredibles plush toys and I gave them to my girlfriend. The prize also included $1,000.00. I happily shared some of that with my girlfriend by buying her a diamond ring from a jewellery store in Junction 8 immediately after the event ended.


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