Chops with Juggling Clubs

I like to Chop! With my Juggling Clubs, that is. Also with my Juggling Balls.

"Chops" is a juggling pattern that is done with 3 objects. While juggling three objects, a single Chop is a "wild and expressive" (as described by Charlie Dancey) diagonal downward sweep of one of the objects through the air, in front of the juggler's body. Therefore, Chops are a succession of these sweeps while juggling the three objects.

Here's an image of one of my practice sessions with Chops.

Chops is a juggling pattern that requires the juggler to have or develop intermediate to advanced levels of skill.

Jimmyjuggler Chops Juggling Clubs
A screenshot of the video captures a critical moment in Chops

Chops is not a form of martial arts, although it may be presented as such for entertainment. However it may be noted that Chops (and numerous other juggling patterns) requires strength, stamina, and speed.

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