Video: Diabolo Tricks

The Diabolo is a juggling prop that resembles a yo-yo, except that the Diabolo is not at all tied to the string. The Diabolo is spun and balanced on a string using a pair of handheld control sticks, to which both ends of the string are tied.

The tricks I like to do with the Diabolo are shown in this video. They involve throwing or catching, both of which are what make Juggling fascinating to me. The object that is thrown spends some time in the air before it is caught.

Here is the video that shows four tricks, including the Whip Catch at the end.

I first posted the video on Facebook. The response was encouraging!


An observation about juggling - at the most fundamental level, the Diabolo is far easier to do than Club Juggling. However, there are very advanced Diabolo styles, techniques, and tricks that will challenge any avid juggler.


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