Juggling Show at Harry Potter themed party

It is possibly the grandest birthday party event that I have ever had the pleasure of performing at. Held at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore hotel, this birthday party had everyone, myself included, dressed just like the characters in the popular Harry Potter movies. The ballroom itself was made to look like the Hogwarts Great Hall in the movies. It was a premium production as far as birthday parties go.

I performed my Juggling Show for the guests during the party. I'm dressed in a red Gryffindor robe for the role. Here are some photos and I thank Ms Tanya for sending them to me.

JimmyJuggler juggles Glowing Orbs

 JimmyJuggler dramatises the scene for the children

 JimmyJuggler prepares to make the child a superstar!

 JimmyJuggler presents his Fire Juggling finale

Oh yes, it was a very nice plush Gryffindor robe. And no, I didn't get to keep it.


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