Cirque du Soleil's Top 5

Cirque du Soleil revolutionised the circus some 30 years ago, transforming circus shows into theatrical productions that captivate people's imagination all over the world. Many circus shows, including those by Cirque du Soleil, feature a juggling act; there is almost always a juggling act in any circus show. It could either be a solo juggling act or an act performed by a juggling troupe.

Cirque du Soleil has just released a video featuring the Top 5 Juggling Acts from their shows over the years. In the video, the Top 5 juggling acts are:
  1. Anthony Gatto in "Kooza"
  2. Viktor Kee in "Amaluna"
  3. Teslenko Jugglers in "Corteo"
  4. Gabriel Beaudoin in "Kurios"
  5. Greg Kennedy in "Totem"

I'm not surprised to see that Anthony Gatto is at the top of the list because he is a juggling prodigy. Having watched Anthony Gatto perform his juggling acts both on recorded videos and onstage in Las Vegas (I was seated fairly close to the stage), it's clear to me that he is the greatest performing juggler of our time.

Thanks to Cirque Club for presenting the video!


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