Venue for Birthday Parties

An excellent cosy venue for Children's Birthday Parties is the McDonald's restaurant at Kallang in Singapore. The party room can hold up to about 20 kids (plus their parents). In the colourfully-decorated room is child-friendly furniture with easy-to-clean surfaces. Parents of small children would be glad to know that there is a washing-up sink located just outside the room. 

There is suitable AV equipment to play music or movies. Parents can adjust the levels of both privacy and natural light with the window-blinds provided. 

During the party, a McDonald's staff serves food and drinks, hosts party games, and distributes goody bags.

The McDonald's restaurant does not provide any party entertainers for hire. However, the party host can go ahead to hire external entertainers for his or her party.

There's space at one end of the party room for the party entertainer to hold the show. I performed in the party room recently; the photo above shows my prop suitcase and prop basket between two balloon columns. The children sat on the floor while their parents sat on the chairs. 

Although the floor space was adequate for my show, the height of the ceiling presented a bit of a challenge! When performing my head-balance of a Tower, I had to squat slightly so that there would be sufficient clearance between the top of the Tower and the ceiling.

The show took about 25 minutes, bringing the party round to the Birthday Cake with everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday child. After everyone had eaten the cake, it was time for everyone to leave the party room, to make way for the cleaning staff to clean the room and get it ready for the next party.

Photos are courtesy of Ms Joanne.


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