Deliver the right message through Juggling

Yesterday marked the start of a Quality Month campaign organised by a group of hospitals and healthcare providers. The campaign focuses on how employees can "raise the bar" and achieve excellence in the delivery of healthcare services to patients. When employees make significant improvements in the quality of their work processes, they can meet or exceed the needs of their patients.

JimmyJuggler presented a stage show at the Quality Month corporate event, which included an award ceremony and a carnival with Quality-themed game booths for staff. JimmyJuggler integrated key concepts of "Quality" into the show content for delivery to the audience comprising senior management and staff. JimmyJuggler used his juggling acts in the show to highlight these concepts that are part and parcel of Lean management and Six Sigma business improvement methodologies.

JimmyJuggler's client was delighted with the show; the client said to his colleague that "we found the right guy (to perform the show for the event)".



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