Thursday, May 19, 2011

Incredible footwork with this!

This is something that I just had to blog about. Now, it's not a paid review. And it's not even a review of a juggling prop or juggling equipment. It's a review of something I personally use and am recommending this item to anyone reading this.

To begin, I run on the pavement as part of my training as a performing juggler. In a previous post I noted that juggling is a physical activity, so it's helpful to have fitness training in one's regimen.

By the way, my current pair of running shoes are shown in another previous post.

For today's run, I put on a pair of running socks that, well, just blew my socks off. These socks are an incredible piece of apparel to wear with running shoes. They actually make you run better and/or faster.

Just look at the second photo below. The socks are asymmetrical; one is for the Left foot, and the other is for the Right foot. I've summarised the main features:

  • Cushioned heel - thicker where it needs to be.
  • Less bulk - the socks are thinner elsewhere so that the feet have a better fit inside the shoes .

  • Contoured - the socks are knitted to fit the Left and Right feet properly.

Both serious and recreational runners, who run in the usual type or "regular" type of running socks and who are looking to get a boost in their running performance, should get these socks.

Highly recommended.


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