Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fire Juggling - Chinese New Year

During the Chinese New Year Celebration of Spring in the city over the past few weeks, I performed on the historical Read Bridge over the Singapore River. This bridge was first built in 1889 and used to be the site for Chinese storytellers, who "spun tales of folk heroes and legends" to workers at the end of the work day. Reference: heritage trails webpage

I am glad to be part of the stream of events that take place on that bridge over the passage of time.

Here are a series of photos (taken from video footage) of one of the shows. The audience was fabulous and I enjoyed performing that particular show.

Fire Juggling on the Read Bridge:

On the parapet of the Read Bridge...the parapet has
both a slight incline and slight curvature!

On board and balanced.

Camera flashes are to be ignored while juggling the fire torches.

High toss and finish! Hurray!


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