Friday, January 8, 2010

Hollywood celebrities juggle too!

Last night on The Jay Leno Show, I saw Hugh Jackman - yes, that's right, he plays Wolverine in the X-men movies - juggle three fire torches in front of the "live" studio audience. It was both surprising and amusing! Jay tried to tickle Hugh too just as Hugh was preparing to juggle the flaming torches.

Wow, who knew Hugh could juggle?

And last month, also on The Jay Leno Show, I saw Matt Damon - yes, the same one you saw in the Bourne Identity movies and The Informant! - juggle three tennis balls while reciting the Declaration Of Independence. It was hilarious!

All this is very entertaining to me.

Both the superstars showed off their juggling skills on the show for the opportunity to plug their latest works. For Hugh, it was for his upcoming appearance on Sesame Street; and for Matt, it was for his latest movie, Invictus.


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