WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get

I read an interesting article this week. It explains much about why jugglers do not need to look at their hands at all while juggling. The following is an extract:
"Do you need great peripheral vision to juggle? Not really. As long as you see the object that you want to catch as it starts to fall, your brain will send your arm and hand out to the right place to catch it without your having to watch the catch. There have been several experiments done which severely limit the juggler's field of vision. As long as the top of the pattern is visible, even beginning jugglers can learn to catch and throw reliably."
~ Lewis, Don. "Proprioception, What is it," in IJA eNewsletter, October 2009 issue, p. 3.

Juggling activity is controlled by the brain at both conscious and unconscious levels.

Last month I posted a blog about how scientists have discovered more about how the brain functions as we get older. The location of that blog post is:

Happy juggling!



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