Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome to the Outdoors!

Early this morning, I had a juggling performance. By early I mean 9 a.m. for a Saturday! This was during the Family Day for a German MNC. The company was celebrating its 100th anniversary. It seems coincidental to be at another German company event today. Last night I had performed at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore, a German microbrewery and restaurant, to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

I arrived early at the Greek Amphitheatre of The Singapore Flyer where the Family Day was held. It was raining and I had to run a short distance in the rain to get to the venue. Thankfully the rain stopped right about the start time of the event. Curiously, the Creative Director who had booked me to perform reflected that it rains every time he organises a Family Day event.

By this time, I was rather wet...but the show must go on! For the next hour I entertained staff and their family members. Thanks to the DJ for playing cool music with good beats! It made juggling for people very fun to do.

The ground was wet and by the end of the show, my socks and shoes were all wet.

I also noticed that a caterpillar had climbed onto my bag. The rain could have caused it to fall off a tree as I ran under it.


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