Thursday, July 16, 2009

My pupils' wonderful juggling progress

In an earlier post I shared what a pleasure it is to train eager pupils. Yesterday I brought them to the next level of juggling - performance! These teenage pupils are participants in a programme that I am running. The programme takes them from newbie to juggler over a six-month duration.

I am delighted to see that their personal practice is paying off. Their juggling abilities have visibly improved over the last month. Many of them have found their preferred juggling activity. Others are articulating a desire for more challenges and I am happy to share some ideas with them so that they can stretch themselves. Two things about juggling that I enjoy most are that there are many pathways of progress and the limits, if any, are set by oneself.

During the session with them yesterday, I gave the pupils a taste of performing. I was well aware that many of them felt nervous and so assisted them with a few methods, including being "onstage" with them. How would they eventually take to performing? As of yesterday's session, I know a few of them have the confidence to juggle in front of an audience. I am looking forward to the next session for more information to answer that question.


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