Humidity during Outdoor Shows

The weather in Singapore has been particularly oppressive in recent weeks. Not only is the temperature high, it's also more humid than usual. On top of all this, we're going to be experiencing haze very soon.

This makes staying hydrated a critical "must-do" when juggling and performing in outdoor shows. As I have suffered heat exhaustion before (many years ago during the IPPT test that was held before serving National Service), I am most concerned that it never happens again.

Today's show in Tampines was held on an outdoor stage. What a blessing it was that the sun was hidden behind clouds. The humidity, however, remained. The emcees (there were two of them) and I were perspiring almost non-stop. In fact, I was pretty much drenched in perspiration by the end of the show.

Drinking fluids throughout the day before shows helps with performance, especially when the shows are held outdoors. Juggling, after all, involves physical activity and the body warms up during juggling.


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