Video - Ball Control

While growing up, I didn't really "get into" Football (a.k.a. Soccer). Sure, I played football with other children, but somehow the "world's most popular sport" wasn't my thing.

Then I picked up Juggling as an adolescent. Over the course of my life, this hobby slowly became something more - I decided to go full-time as an entertainer. This life-changing step happened about 10 years ago.

Ball Juggling for Ball Control by Jimmy Juggler
Scene from the video.

I haven't forgotten about football. I learned how to do the following combination of movements in juggling, as shown in my video. It reminds me of certain aspects of football - use of one's head, leg, and foot for Ball Control. The thing is that I could never do these ball tricks when playing football. Yet, while I am juggling, I thoroughly enjoy performing these movements. It's very satisfying to do them successfully.

Is there a moral to this story? Maybe. Maybe not. For me, I discovered that I need to find my own path or way, and this discovery might take time.

Thank you for reading and checking out the video!


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