National Day - Birthday Juggling Show

Today, 9th August 2016 is Singapore's National Day. On this day, I had the honour of performing my Juggling Show at the 6th birthday party for a little girl in Singapore. Her parents organised a large, fun-filled party at the Singapore Island Country Club.

Since it was National Day, I dressed for the occasion, making sure my costume had both red and white, which are the colours of the Singapore flag. 

Here are some photos, for which I have my client to thank. Also thanks to the party photographer for many wonderful photos of this momentous event.

Party Entertainer Juggling Show Singapore
Showtime by Jimmy!

LED Juggling Glow Balls | Jimmy The Juggler
LED Juggling

Birthday Party Juggling Show Singapore
Up it goes!

Party Entertainer Singapore
Children having fun onstage


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