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Users of the internet displayed a range of reactions to a YouTube video of a man juggling three Rubik's Cubes in a Mills Mess pattern while solving the Cubes in less than 20 seconds. The Mills Mess is a juggling pattern in which the juggler's arms criss-cross back and forth continuously while the juggler tosses and catches the objects being juggled. This video had been uploaded to YouTube in the middle of March 2016 and has since been viewed at least 800,000 times.

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Viewers have been mostly stunned, amazed, or sceptical. What was your initial reaction to the video?

That video had first been posted by rubocubo, who then posted another video about one week later. The second video explained how "not everything is as it appears in the (first) video". As it turned out, the "feat" had been achieved through clever video special effects (also known as VFX or CGI) and smooth video editing. 

This visual stunt got noticed by Steve Mills, who is the creator of the Mills Mess juggling pattern. He created it in the mid-1970s. That's about 40 years ago! Read Steve Mills' comment below:

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All this led me to refresh my own enjoyment in juggling the Mills Mess pattern. Here's a video I recorded of myself juggling the Mills Mess about a day ago; everything you see in my video is real - there are no special effects or CGI.

A viral YouTube video of a man juggling 3 Rubik's Cubes with the Mills' Mess pattern (arms criss-crossing back and forth) and solving the cubes in less than 20 sec made everybody notice. Anyways, it was revealed to have been done with clever video FX and editing. Only his arm and hand movements were real. That video refreshed my own enjoyment of the Mills' Mess...I did it just now for fun...everything you see in my video is special FX, LOL.
Posted by Jimmy Lim on Monday, 28 March 2016

To find out more about the Mills Mess pattern, check out the Wikipedia page about Mills Mess.


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