Haze covers Singapore

It was during the second week of this month that Singapore was first blanketed with a thick haze. The haze persists even now; it is blown across the sea from Indonesia where many fires rage almost uncontrollably whenever land is cleared by the slash-and-burn method.

I perform at both indoor and outdoor events. Naturally, I am concerned whenever the haze increases to unhealthy levels, prompting event organisers to consider postponement or cancellation of outdoor events.

So far, the outdoor events I have performed at this month have gone ahead as planned. I hope it stays this way because these hazy conditions are expected to linger for much longer in Singapore.

Thankfully, there was a reduction in haze levels when I performed at the outdoor event last night. I'm sure these Lion Dancers appreciated the better weather too...
Posted by Jimmy Lim on Saturday, September 19, 2015


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