Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grabbing the attention of Venture Investors at Demo Asia

At Demo Asia 2012, the situation in the Matrix auditorium could be called, as one backstage crew described it, "Startup's Got Traction" (a witty spin on the title of the show America's Got Talent).

I was there to juggle! Here's a photo I took when I was waiting backstage before my turn.

Demo Asia on 1 March 2012 saw startup companies get onstage to showcase their emerging technologies and pitch their innovative ideas in 6 minutes in front of a judges' panel and an audience comprising investors, business executives and technology professionals.

Needless to say, all these companies were competing for their attention!

So there I was, to juggle on cue and bring to life a key benefit of a new and innovative technology product for videoconferencing, and also to catch the attention of the judges and audience. May the startup company I did the juggling for achieve their goals for demonstrating their innovation at Demo Asia 2012!


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