Friday, October 1, 2010

Shift to different gears in juggling

Juggling to entertain the throngs of people in the Circuit Park at the 2010 Singapore Grand Prix last weekend required the use of earplugs. The roar of the high-speed Formula 1 race car engines is not to be sniffed at.

This week, juggling happened at somewhat different paces for me.

There was juggling at a primary school for a Children's Day celebration. The boys were really quite boisterous and crowded around me to get a better view of the juggling. Of course, when it was time to juggle fire, I reminded them to step back for safety's sake. Then there was juggling at the Siloso Beach on Sentosa at a corporate dinner event. My set spanned sunset to night and that provided a good reason to juggle various props according to the amount of ambient light available.

And this weekend I will be at the Body Mind Spirit Festival 2010 to perform shows in between the workshops, providing light entertainment to all. I am looking forward to juggling there!


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