Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heat and Light - Tropical Night event shows

This took place yesterday at a private club in Singapore. The theme of the event was "Tropical Night" and they weren't kidding! My show at 1pm was performed under the tropical sun by the poolside; no shelter or tent was provided over the stage. Thankfully the audience could sit in the shade. I had to be careful not to get blinded by the sun whenever I looked up while juggling or balancing things on my head. The bartender and waiters by the poolside were kind and filled my water-bottle with lots of ice.

The 8:30pm show was performed on the same outdoor stage but it was a comparatively cooler affair. Yet it presented another challenge. I adjusted the spotlights to make sure I could see what I was doing without too much of the light shining into my eyes while performing. For the night show, I added the fire-manipulation act before the grande finale!

All in all, it was very satisfying to entertain the audience at both shows in the club, which by the way, has a very pleasant air-conditioned lobby to hang around in.


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