Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Juggling at Matthew's Birthday Party

I had lots of fun juggling at Matthew's birthday party this morning. He's bright, generous, and full of energy. Today, he celebrated his 6th birthday and I put on a juggling show for his kindergarten class.

It was delightful to perform again for Matthew. About two months ago I had performed at his elder sister's birthday party at their home and Matthew enjoyed that show so much he asked his parents to book my show for his birthday too.

For Matthew's party, we played a game to warm things up and during the show, I involved more volunteers than I usually do seeing as the children were eager to come forward to be part of the show in front of their friends. One of his classmates, a girl named Angenette, had actually seen me perform over the last weekend at another public event. Naturally I asked her to assist me in one of the juggling acts today. After the show, they crowded around and were extremely fascinated by what I had brought that day, including my PSP player.

Later on, Matthew and his dad graciously invited me to stay on for cake. Matthew had a lovely Power Ranger cake!

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

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