The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means that events and parties are now virtually non-existent. So I spend more time practising. Here's a video of one of my practice sessions. 

I find this pattern to be simple yet profound. Why? Well, it seems simple: the 3 clubs are tossed straight up and caught. However, each club is tossed up to 3 different heights and with 3 different number of spins. The clubs are alternately tossed with Single-Spin, Double-Spins, and Triple-Spins.

That's why this pattern is called Single-Double-Triple.

Should you wish to try this, and I highly recommend this as a drill, here's the general idea of the pattern:

• Right Hand (RH) - Single-spin toss
• Left Hand (LH) - Double-spin toss
• RH - Triple-spin toss
• LH - Single-spin toss
• RH - Double-spin toss
• LH - Triple-spin toss

...and so on.

Here's a screenshot of the video:

Meanwhile, take care of your health during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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