Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get the right footwear for juggling

Jugglers spend a lot of time practising; and much of that practice time involves standing up to juggle. The feet support the rest of the body and its movements, so what kind of footwear should jugglers wear so that they can juggle comfortably?

Basically, the shoes for training should provide the juggler with:
  • adequate cushioning from ground reaction forces;
  • medial and lateral stability;
  • support at the ankle and across the foot; and
  • support for the arch (especially when practice sessions are sustained)
The shoes should be lightweight and not feel too clunky so that you can move quickly when needed - like making a superhero catch!

Below are some photos of my latest shoes for Spring training this year.

The shoes that I wear when performing are different. Blogged about them previously:

Cross-trainers for Spring training.

Lateral stability lugs wrap around at the side.

Heel outsole extends beyond shoe for heel stability.

Midfoot stability device; and pivot point at forefoot.


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