Sunday, May 23, 2010

Juggling at the May Day Family Fiesta 2010

This weekend's highlight for me was juggling at the May Day Family Fiesta 2010, a carnival held at Downtown East. At this entertainment park in the eastern part of Singapore, there were crowds of people from morning till the late afternoon. There were all kinds of activities happening throughout the day with queues of people waiting for their turn.

Throughout the day, there were many performances to entertain visitors. I had four time slots to perform throughout the day; and had some time in between the time slots to take a look around the place. Here are some photos:

Map of the carnival grounds

When this van is around, be assured of a long queue. Free drinks for all. But the dispensers ran dry even before I reached the head of the queue.

This is the door of the dressing room for the performers. Yikes!


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